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Fund Types

Donors can realize nearly any charitable intent by choosing from the variety of fund types offered by the Foundation. These fund types can be created as (1) “endowment funds” which are structured to serve their intended charitable purpose(s) in perpetuity or as (2) “pass-thru funds” which are temporary charitable vehicles that close upon the fulfillment of their purposes.

Each Foundation fund is classified within one or more of the following fund types.
You may view these funds here.

As stated above, funds can be created as (1) “endowment funds” (permanent resources for the community) or as (2) “pass-thru funds” (temporary charitable vehicles).

(1) Endowment Funds:  Once a fund reaches $10,000, it can be created as an endowment to serve the community in the donor’s name on a permanent basis. The amount available for distribution from these funds is carefully established by the Foundation to ensure the preservation and long-term growth of each endowment fund.  A modest administrative fee is charged for the services provided to these funds.

(2) Pass-Thru Funds:  Funds with balances of less than $10,000 are commingled within our Consolidated Fund.  No administrative fees are charged against these funds and the income earned by the Consolidated Fund assists the Foundation with its expenses.  Several Donors who maintain “pass-thru funds,” which have a value of $10,000 or more, have requested that their funds be invested to accrue income.  Administrative fees apply to these funds.

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