Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley
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Officers, Directors And Staff

John Diederich

William B. Skoglund
Vice-Chairman & Treasurer

Jeffrey J. Hartman
President & CEO


  • Duncan Alexander
  • Cristina S.T. Anderson
  • Hon. F. Keith Brown (ret.)
  • Austin M. Dempsey
  • John Diederich
  • Dana N. Dobosz
  • Rick Guzman
  • Jane W. Harris
  • Robert J. Hollis
  • Patty Hoppenstedt
  • Timothy J. Reuland
  • Barbara M. Sergi
  • William B. Skoglund
  • Duane D. Suits
  • Scott Voris


The Community Foundation has six full-time employees.  In addition, Old Second Wealth Management provides invaluable office support through their in-kind contributions of bookkeeping and fund management services.

Jeffrey J. Hartman – President & CEO
Joined the Foundation in 2013
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Julie Christman – Director of Community Involvement and Partnerships
Joined the Foundation in 2015
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Sarah Herring – Executive Assistant
Joined the Foundation in 2015
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Heather Johnson – Director of Scholarships
Joined the Foundation in 2013
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Greg Probst – Director of Finance & Technology
Joined the Foundation in 2014
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Rhonda Soos – Director of Operations
Joined the Foundation in 1988
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(630) 896-7800