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Scholarship Program

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Scholarship Program

2015 Scholarship Program

The Community Foundation 2015 Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students who will attend an accredited institution of higher education on a full-time basis during the 2015‑2016 academic year.

Detailed information is available in our 2015 Scholarship Program Guide.

Applications for the 2015 Scholarship Program are available through February 2, 2015.

The deadline date for submission of a completed application is Monday, February 2, 2015.


Since 1949, the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley has awarded more than $10.4 million in scholarships.

The Community Foundation Scholarship Program consists of separate scholarship funds created by individual donors who establish specific criteria for the administration of their scholarships.

Such criteria must be consistent with overall Community Foundation policy.

More information is available in our 2015 Scholarship Program Guide.

Obtaining an Application

Applications for our Scholarship Program are available on our website from late November through early February.  Be sure to find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.

Primary Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must attend an accredited institution of higher education on a full‑time basis.
  • With few exceptions, students must have their permanent address located within the Community Foundation service area.  A permanent address is one where a student receives legal documents and correspondence.  It is most likely NOT their school address. 

The Community Foundation service area includes the City of Aurora, southern Kane County, and Kendall County within the State of Illinois.

Types of Scholarships

The majority of scholarships offered through the Community Foundation Scholarship Program are based on academic ability and financial need. A few scholarships are based on academic ability without consideration of financial need.

The monetary value of each scholarship varies depending upon the available income in each individual scholarship fund.

Scholarship awards are designated as one-year awards or renewable multi-year awards depending upon the scholarship fund criteria, as established by the donor of the scholarship fund.

To learn more about our scholarship funds and their donors, please view the various scholarship fund profiles available.