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Kane County Fit For Kids Fund

Established 2009


The Kane County Fit for Kids Fund provides support to the community to address four strategic action principles:

  1. Provide parents and children with reliable, up-to-date information in multiple settings regarding healthy physical activity and eating habits;
  2. Support a culture of wellness and health promotion in our workplaces, schools, homes, communities and other institutions;
  3. Develop land use, planning and other public policies that foster and support physical activity for all members of our communities;
  4. Assure that fresh fruits and vegetables are affordable and accessible to all families in our communities.

The¬†Funders’ Consortium has made over $600,000 available to community partners to support local efforts to reduce Childhood Obesity in the community and implement the Fit Kids 2020 Plan.¬† These funds have been and will continue to be made available to community organizations, municipalities, and coalitions that implement strategies consistent with the Fit for Kids goals.

The Kane County Health Department is overseeing the effective implementation of these grants.


(630) 896-7800